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It’s never too late to build your skills and get ready for your next big step. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to boost your career later in life, LifeSkills created with Barclays can equip you with core 21st Century skills to help you stand out from the crowd. With dozens of engaging and interactive tools on offer, LifeSkills can help you develop the personal and employability skills that employers are looking for, and build a job-hunting toolbox. So, whatever your age, LifeSkills can put you on the right path – making your Apprenticeship application even stronger.

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LifeSkills for all

The LifeSkills programme might be directed at under-24s, but the skills we offer are vital for everyone. You could be in education, in work, or unemployed. You might be looking for a first job, or coming back after a long break. Whoever you are, LifeSkills can help you get to grips with the skills you really need. CV building. Virtual interview practice. Work experience to help you move forward into the workplace. It’s all here to support your journey.

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LifeSkills for Teachers

With over 33,800 educators signed up, LifeSkills also gives teachers the tools to help young people make the most of their future career. Through the site, you’ll find over 60 hours of free, curriculum-linked lesson plans, covering a wide range of employability skills. Teachers can also request volunteers to deliver lessons in school, as well as finding and booking work experience placements for students.

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LifeSkills for Parents

At Barclays, we want to inspire people – to support them through big career decisions and help them find the skills they need. As a parent, we know you feel the same way. Through LifeSkills, you can find a range of interactive tools and resources, all designed for you to work through together. Whatever path they choose, you can motivate them, guide them, and make sure they learn the essential skills they need for the next big step.   

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LifeSkills for Businesses

We need to work together to support the workforce of the future. Through LifeSkills, your business can help provide the work experience placements that young people need to kick-start their career. At the same time, you can find promising new employees and boost your reputation in the community. With thousands of opportunities offered so far, you’ll join businesses all over the country in helping to develop and inspire the talent of tomorrow.

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