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Relationship Management Higher Apprentice

Relationship Management Higher Apprentice

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  • Study for industry-recognised banking qualifications, and gain membership of a professional body
  • A balance of academic study and a real-life role in the bank
  • Learn how to build client relationships that last and grow

Our Relationship Management team’s advice and expertise is trusted by virtually every type of client, from individuals to large international corporations. In just three years, you’ll learn how to give the kind of support and guidance that grows our relationship with each and every one of these businesses. You’ll have a real role, where you’ll work either with Corporate clients (that’s businesses with an annual turnover of over £6.5m), with Premier clients (individuals with savings of over £100k) or with Wealth clients (wealthy individuals). At the same time, you’ll study towards a degree in Relationship Management – even gaining a recognised financial services diploma in your first six months. Please note applications are currently closed for this programme but please click here to register your interest for future intakes.

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What do we mean when we say Relationship Management?

If you don’t work in banking, you probably aren’t used to the terms we use. Don’t worry. To help you decide if this is right for you, here’s a brief breakdown of what Relationship Management is all about:

Creating relationships with new customers and clients to help them move forward

Strengthening current relationships and managing accounts in a way that builds trust in our bank

Managing accounts for customers and clients of all shapes and sizes, from wealthy individuals to large businesses

Providing advice in every area to help customers prosper, whether it’s loans, investments or cyber security risks

Creating relationships with new customers and clients to help them move forward

Strengthening current relationships and managing accounts in a way that builds trust in our bank

Managing accounts for customers and clients of all shapes and sizes, from wealthy individuals to large businesses

Providing advice in every area to help customers prosper, whether it’s loans, investments or cyber security risks

The facts of the programme

What will I do?

Expect three years of learning in a very interesting part of our business. You’ll build up your knowledge and skills in Relationship Management, exploring different areas within the bank. As well as developing a broad understanding of the role, you’ll also get to see how businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of sectors, work and grow.

With all our programmes, colleagues are responsible for ensuring that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Barclays Operational Risk Framework and internal Barclays Policies and Standards.

How will my programme be structured?

It all starts with an induction event attended by absolutely all Higher Apprentices, whichever programme you’re on.

Then, you’ll move into the apprenticeship itself. We’ll teach you about what it means to be a relationship manager, usually in talks or meetings with some of your senior colleagues. They’ll help you understand what our business is all about, and give you the inspiration you need to get started.

Now, you’ll start to shadow colleagues, getting to know the essentials of the work you do. It’s all about getting you started gradually: we won’t throw you in at the deep end to handle important clients on your own. You’ll likely build up your communication skills over the first year, practising client calls and interactions whilst working toward a small portfolio of your own.

Alongside all this, you’ll also be managing your degree work, with a half day per week assigned for study leave – which you can manage however suits you best.

In your first year, that degree work includes plenty of academic introductions, helping you get up to speed. You’ll learn about Financial Markets and Risk, as well as about either Retail Lending or Corporate Relationship Management, depending on what’s most relevant to you and your role.

In year two, we’ll start to deepen your understanding as well as giving you the skills you need to help your clients navigate the wider market. Those include:

  • Financial Services: The Commercial Environment
  • Retail Financial Services or Commercial and Corporate Financial Services
  • Professionalism, Conduct and Ethics

Throughout your programme, there are various kinds of assessment we’ll use to help you test your skills and see your progress. Those include examinations, reviews with your manager, and then comes your final year.

Here, you’ll find your big chance to demonstrate everything you’ve learned. You’ll build your portfolio of work-based evidence, and you’ll work on a risk-based final project – all the while supported by your manager, tutor and team. Then at the end, you’ll have your professional presentation and panel discussion, led by Barclays and by independent assessors from other financial organisations and from the professional qualification body – all of whom are there to help you do well.  

Who thrives here?

Anyone with the right attitude. We’re looking for natural relationship builders who are quick to learn and comfortable talking to and dealing with all kinds of clients and colleagues. That said, we’re not looking for a lot of experience – as long as relationship building is a strength you think you have.

How will I develop?

You might have heard a lot about how apprenticeships don’t have any prospects, or that you’re going to have to start making the tea and work your way up. Let’s knock that on the head before we start: our Relationship Management programme starts you on the path to becoming an expert in your field, learning to manage the accounts of both wealthy individuals and the large-scale corporate businesses who drive our economy. This isn’t getting the tea round: this is cementing an impressive career, and getting degree-level qualifications to boot.

With that in mind there are all kinds of ways you might develop, and your career is very much open to what you want to do. You’re developing skills to move up through Relationship Management, taking on bigger and more senior portfolios. The great thing is that there are so many areas that need Relationship Managers; so many different kinds and sizes of client to specialise in. The question is – which will catch your interest and fuel your ambition? It’s all up to you, with guidance from everyone who helps you along the way.

Where will I be based?

A quick word on location. If you’re looking to join our Relationship Management programme, the nature of the role means you’ll have to be flexible about where you’re based. Our opportunities span the UK and you’ll be able to select your preferences during the application process. Please note that for some of our Corporate roles you will need to relocate after year 1. At the moment, our list of locations includes:


    • Belfast
    • Birmingham
    • Bristol
    • Bristol (year 1), Cardiff (year 2 and 3)
    • Canary Wharf, London
    • Canary Wharf, London or Bristol (year 1), Southampton (year 2 and 3)
    • Edinburgh
    • Northwich
    • Northwich (year 1), Manchester (year 2 and 3)
    • Luton (year 1), Milton Keynes (year 2 and 3)
    • Luton (year 1), St Albans (year 2 and 3)


      • Canary Wharf, London
      • Glasgow


        • Glasgow
        • Liverpool
        • Sunderland

        To help us try to accommodate everyone, it would be useful if you could give us a range of options - locations you’d consider commuting to or moving to, rather than just your three closest locations.

        What are the key dates?

        Early March: Applications open

        5.30pm, Friday 4 May: Applications close for all programmes bar Belfast

        5pm, Friday 3 August: Applications for Belfast close

        May: London assessment centres

        May/June: Manchester assessment centres

        June: All candidates notified of outcome (bar Belfast)

        September: Higher Apprenticeships begin

        Hear from someone who’s been there

        We can tell you lots about our programme, but sometimes it’s easier to hear it straight from someone who’s been there. Time to talk to one of our current cohort:

        Meet Hannah


        Before I started at Barclays, life had been a bit up and down for me. I’d suffered with my mental health, and I’d been in and out of hospital during my time at high school and college. My studies had taken longer because of that, so after I got my A Levels, I decided to take a year out to look properly at my career path and work out what to do next.

        During that year, I came across the Barclays Apprenticeship programme, and I knew it would provide me with endless opportunities. I’d already worked for a major retailer during my year off, so I knew I loved building a rapport with customers. This would be the chance to do that at a higher level.

        I can see endless opportunities, with so many different routes I could take. I’m learning so much about myself throughout the whole process, and I hope that one day I can progress into Leadership.

        Right now, I’m on the Relationship Management Higher Apprenticeship, working in the Corporate sector. As well as working for an industry-recognised degree-level banking qualification, I also work alongside Relationship Directors to help them manage their clients and grow our business. I’m there for anything my colleagues need to help them build strong client relationships. Sometimes I’ll even get involved in voluntary projects – like representing Barclays at WE Day in Wembley Arena.

        What makes Barclays special is the fact that they make you feel special too. You’re not just a number among hundreds of thousands of employees; you are you, and you bring your own unique spark to the ever evolving world of Barclays.

        Hannah, current Higher Apprentice in Relationship Management

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