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Internal Audit Higher Apprentice

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  • Take on a number of different roles that will open up all kinds of opportunities
  • A balance of academic study and a real-life role in the bank
  • Study towards degree-level qualifications as you work

Internal Audit is an independent and influential control function that’s critical to our business right around the world. You’ll be joining a global team that’s trusted by the bank at the highest levels – doing work that helps change our business for the better. And as you do, you’ll also be changing your future prospects for the better, studying towards degree-level qualifications that will train you as a specialist in Internal Audit – even if you’ve never done it before.


What do we mean when we say Internal Audit?

If you’ve never worked in banking before (or even if you have) you might not know what internal audit means – and that’s fine. Here are the basics of what the team do:

Provide an objective, independent view on how Barclays is performing as a business

Assessing the control environment of the bank and sharing feedback with senior leaders

Highlighting where we need improvement to reach goals in everything from business reputation to environmental impact

Provide an objective, independent view on how Barclays is performing as a business

Assessing the control environment of the bank and sharing feedback with senior leaders

Highlighting where we need improvement to reach goals in everything from business reputation to environmental impact

The facts of the programme

An important note about the Internal Audit Apprenticeship

We’ve restructured the Internal Audit Apprenticeship for this year, to make sure that your training is the best it can be. With that in mind, much of the finer details aren’t set in stone yet. Not to worry though - they will be by the time you begin the course, when we’ll be able to tell you more definitely about the structure of the course and which degree-level qualification you’ll be studying for. 

You can take what we’ve provided as a baseline for now, but what we can say for certain is that you’ll be working towards degree-level qualifications while taking on live work in Internal Audit roles. And of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have our full support along the way.

What will I do?

Your exact workload will vary depending on the area you end up in, but expect to learn the skills it takes to improve the controls environment that make us a better business. You’ll experience a wide range of teams and exposure to different business areas through a series of work placements. As you progress, you’ll build up skills and knowledge that will help your future career, whether you’re aiming for a permanent Internal Audit position or a place on our graduate programme.

With all our programmes, colleagues are responsible for ensuring that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Barclays Enterprise Management Risk Framework and internal Barclays Policies and Standards.

How will my programme be structured?

Like we mentioned earlier, that isn’t set in stone right now. It’s likely to last either three or four years, and you’ll be balancing practical work with academic study toward degree-level qualifications. With the support of your managers, your colleagues and a dedicated buddy, you’ll sharpen your financial skills and explore your interests. And at the end of it all, you might even join our graduate programme or take on a full-time role with us.

Who thrives here?

Anyone who’s got the right attitude. You’ll be an analytical thinker, who knows how to work with people as well as numbers – but you don’t need to have a lot of experience, as long as you’ve got the potential. A readiness to learn and an eagerness to take on new challenges will also prove useful.

How will I develop?

On any of our apprenticeships, you’ll quickly discover that this is about much more than a few years of your time – it’s a stepping-stone to a permanent career with our bank.

If you’ve found your niche on the programme, you might decide to stay in Internal Audit after you graduate, moving into a permanent role. That’s not your only option though: you could find a place on our Barclays Graduate programme, or maybe even set your sights on our Masters Apprenticeship for internal candidates.

Your career path is very much up to you – with our full support, as always.

Where will I be based?

You’ll be based in our London head office in Canary Wharf, so you’ll need to be prepared to relocate if you don’t already live nearby. We unfortunately can’t help with relocation costs, but we can introduce you to other apprentices who live in the area, who can offer their advice and support.

What are the key dates?

Early March: Applications open

5.30pm, Friday 4 May: Applications close

May: London assessment centres

May/June: Manchester assessment centres

June: All candidates notified of outcome

September: Higher Apprenticeships begin

Hear from someone who’s been there

We can tell you lots about our programme, but sometimes it’s easier to hear it straight from someone who’s been there. Time to talk to one of our current cohort:

Meet Sam

To be completely honest, I never thought my application would go anywhere. Why would a bank hire me? I didn’t think I’d get a call back, let alone get the job. After all, my experience of audit in the past was very limited. I did do a little bit of it in the Navy, but nothing like what I’m working on now.

What you’ll do really varies for each apprentice, but my role initially was to assist on Audits, then I was given my own responsibilities, and now my day-to-day is the same as any other auditor in the office. At the same time, I also organise training, deliver presentations, and meet with stakeholders – as well as managing my studies. It’s a big challenge, but I’ve had a lot of support, and I know now that I want to stay in this department for as long as they’ll have me – even after my Higher Apprenticeship ends.  

I think once you start, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, really.

For me, a highlight was the One Young World Summit. Barclays selected me as one of their twelve delegates, and I went all the way to Ottawa to hear from world leaders and to meet young people from all over the globe. It was my first trip away, and it set the bar pretty high for what I’ll achieve in the future.

Sam, Internal Audit Higher Apprentice

Download a transcript of Sam's film here

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