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Group Finance Higher Apprentice

Group Finance Higher Apprentice

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  • A balance of academic study and a real-life role in the bank
  • Support to gain industry-recognised Accounting qualifications
  • Work placements and projects to broaden your financial knowledge and acumen

Whether it’s providing accounting, advisory or reporting services, the exposure and experiences you build up here will shape the rest of your career. The same applies to the professional qualifications you’ll gain. We’re open to non-degree qualified candidates in their last year of school or college who have the required UCAS points. If you don’t have the required UCAS points, don’t worry; you can still apply if you have a years work experience. If you have neither you may want to explore our Foundation programme. Internal candidates who meet our criteria are also encouraged to apply. If you already have a degree-level qualification, we recommend you look at our graduate opportunities instead. Please note applications are currently closed for this programme but please click here to register your interest for future intakes.

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What do we mean when we say Group Finance?

You likely don’t have any experience of what Group Finance means right now – and that’s fine with us. So how do you know if it’s right for you? Well, here’s a rough outline of what this department does:

Make sure our company financial records are true and accurate

Ensure financial accuracy on behalf of our regulators, investors and customers

Provide accounting and reporting services for every Barclays team, product and initiative

Drive the bank’s financial strategy, our vision and our values

Make sure our company financial records are true and accurate

Ensure financial accuracy on behalf of our regulators, investors and customers

Provide accounting and reporting services for every Barclays team, product and initiative

Drive the bank’s financial strategy, our vision and our values

The facts of the programme

What will I do?

The exact work you’ll do will depend on the team you’re placed in, but expect to build a broad knowledge of finance in general, and our business in particular. You’ll take on a range of roles in key teams within our business, where you’ll learn from experts and get involved in all kinds of financial work. You’ll even build your personal skills, whether it’s presentation skills, networking, or building your personal brand. The work you do will range from accounting and advisory to reporting, and it will benefit our customers, our regulators, our communities and your colleagues.

With all our programmes, colleagues are responsible for ensuring that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Barclays Operational Risk Framework and internal Barclays Policies and Standards.

How will my programme be structured?

It’s likely to last either three or four years, and you’ll be balancing practical work with academic study toward degree-level qualifications. With the support of your managers, your colleagues and a dedicated buddy, you’ll sharpen your financial skills and explore your interests. And at the end of it all, you might even join our graduate programme or take on a full-time role with us.

To give you a slightly firmer idea of how things might go, it’s generally the case that on each of our apprenticeships, you’ll first of all attend an induction, attended by all your fellow Higher Apprentices across every subject area.

Then, you’ll begin your work and your studies. For the first year, we’ll give you thorough training in the basics of the course you’re on – meaning that no-one is at a disadvantage, even if you’ve never studied your subject before.

In your second year, you’ll be into the swing of things, taking on more responsibilities and getting comfortable with new skills. At this point, you’ll likely be studying slightly more advanced modules, giving you more specific skills in your subject area. Depending on how your course is set up, you might find yourself taking on new rotations – those are short stints of 6-12 months spent in different roles across the business.

In your third and maybe even fourth year, depending on how long your course is, most of our apprentices are likely to be taking on a final project and starting to build up a portfolio of experience, ready for a final assessment of their progress.     

Who thrives here?

Anyone who’s got the right attitude. You’ll be good with numbers and great with people – but you don’t need to have a lot of experience to show us that. You’ll do well if you’re ready to learn, and happy to take on any challenge that comes your way – whether it’s on the job, in your academics, or even in volunteering to be part of one of our cultural networks.

How will I develop?

On any of our apprenticeships, you’ll quickly discover that this is about much more than a few years of your time – it’s a stepping-stone to a permanent career with our bank.

If you’ve found your niche on the programme, you might decide to move into a permanent specialist Group Finance role after you graduate. That’s not your only option though: you might find a place on our Barclays Graduate programme. Your career path is very much up to you – with our full support, as always.

Where will I be based?

You’ll be based in our London head office in Canary Wharf, so you’ll need to be prepared to relocate if you don’t already live nearby. We unfortunately can’t help with relocation costs, but we can introduce you to other apprentices who live in the area, who can offer their advice and support.

What are the key dates?

Early March: Applications open

5.30pm, Friday 4 May: Applications close

May: London assessment centres

May/June: Manchester assessment centres

June: All candidates notified of outcome

September: Higher Apprenticeships begin

Hear from someone who’s been there

We can tell you lots about our programme, but sometimes it’s easier to hear it straight from someone who’s been there. Time to talk to one of our current cohort:

Meet Craig

I’ve actually worked at Barclays for most of my adult life, but before that, I studied for a BTEC in Music Technology, and a BSc in Music Technology. The only problem was, I needed more financial stability, so in the end, I couldn’t complete my studies.

I joined Barclays for the chance to progress my career and earn a good living – then I discovered the Group Finance Higher Apprenticeship. Having already worked in branch, I wanted a new challenge, and this would be the chance to learn how the mechanics of our financial operations actually work. On top of that, it would be the chance to get the professional qualification I’d always wanted.

You’ll share the same office as senior management. You’ll build a network of colleagues. And you’ll be part of a large group of apprentices and graduates, all in the same boat as you. Everyone’s so supportive.

Before I started the programme, I had no experience of the work I’d do – the spreadsheets, the analytical models, the core reporting tools involved. I’ve had to learn a lot of new skills and techniques, both for my day-to-day work and for my studies. I’ve had plenty of mentoring to get there though, and now I’m even supported to mentor others. Honestly, gaining this kind of first-hand experience has been a total revelation. 

I’m not a “usual” apprentice by any means – a Music Tech student applying for Finance – but that’s the great thing. The Higher Apprenticeship is open to you if you’re willing to learn and work hard.

Craig, Group Finance Higher Apprentice

Download a transcript of Craig's film here

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