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Higher Apprenticeships

Getting qualified. Whether it’s a degree or professional status, it’s a huge achievement that can completely change your prospects – but it’s not always open to everyone. Some of us can’t afford it. For others, the timing just wasn’t right. But with our Higher Apprenticeship, all that can change. At any point in your life, we'll help you gain a university-level or professional qualification while building an extraordinary career at Barclays.

We're currently open for applications on our Operations and Technology programmes. Click the link below to apply.

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About the programme

Here you'll find further details about our Higher Apprenticeship opportunities available and the requirements for applying to the programme. 

Where will I be based?

As mentioned above, there are lots of different roles on offer on the Higher Apprenticeship, and we have opportunities available in several areas:

If you join Operations, you'll be based in Glasgow, Manchester or Northampton.

If you join Technology, you'll be based in Glasgow, London, Northampton or Radbroke Hall in Knutsford.

What do I need?

For our Higher Apprenticeship in Technology, you’ll need:

  • For roles in England, 3 A Levels (or equivalent) at BCC)
  • For roles in Scotland, 4 Bs in your Highers (or equivalent), including Maths or Computing

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To be eligible for our Higher Apprenticeship in Operations, you'll need:

  • For roles in England, 3 A Levels (or equivalent) at AAA-BBB
  • For roles in Scotland, AAAB in your Highers (or equivalent), including Maths or Computing

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Who thrives here?

Requirements for the programme are not all about your results. To us, your eligibility also comes down to your attitude, commitment and will to succeed.

Inquisitive, conscientious and raring to go - that's you. You're ready to discover new things, about yourself and within your role. Ask yourself if you're ready to commit to both work and degree-level study. 

A career that keeps building

Ellis, Risk

One of my proudest achievements at Barclays was designing and building fraud training for Barclays colleagues. This training has now been launched successfully across Barclays globally. I’m really proud to have worked on this project because I’ve educated thousands of colleagues across Barclays to protect their customers and clients.

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The progression I’ve seen in myself has been great. I’ve made contacts within the department. I’ve completed the programme and moved into a permanent role in Compliance. And on top of all that, I’ve graduated as what we call a BA5 manager, which within Barclays is quite a senior role.

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Simon, Compliance

I can see endless opportunities, with so many different routes I could take. I’m learning so much about myself throughout the whole process, and I hope that one day I can progress into Leadership and Management.

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Hannah, Relationship Management

Before coming to Barclays I had some preconceptions about being in a corporate environment but it’s been completely different to what I’ve imagined. You’ll share the same office as senior management. You’ll build a network of colleagues. And you’ll be part of a large group of apprentices and graduates, all in the same boat as you.

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It’s been a life-changing experience. I’ve achieved a position within Barclays that I could have only dreamt of, and I've made my family so proud..

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I’ve had some massive opportunities to influence and make a huge difference to Barclays, even after only being in the bank and on the programme for six months. The belief you get from senior leadership is incredible, and makes me so proud.

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