Not your average road to leadership

Not your average road to leadership

Leadership and Management Higher Apprenticeship – Fast Track

You're about to be a line manager, or maybe you just became one. Whatever your age, however you came to the role, you're a leader now, and you want help to make the most of it. Well, have you thought about becoming an apprentice?

We know. It's not the most obvious answer. You're leading a team - why would you be an apprentice? Because our apprenticeships aren't what you think. Stay in your current role, study as you work for two years, and we'll support you to gain a BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management. It's the opportunity that could change your career - and it's open to you, no matter your background.

Applications for 2017 are now closed but we'll reopen in 2018.

The basic facts

  • Only open to internal candidates
  • The chance to train as a leader others want to follow, learning from senior management
  • A two-year programme of study, but you’ll stay in your current role
  • You’ll study for a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership with the Lord Ashcroft International Business School
  • You’ll also gain CMI status with the Chartered Management Institute
  • Studies are 100% funded by Barclays, and you’ll continue to earn your normal wages
  • You will need to use your BIRD number as your “User Name” and your Barclays email address to register to apply.

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Why do the Fast Track in Leadership and Management?

Becoming a leader isn’t just about moving up the ranks. It’s about how you act. How you inspire. Becoming the leader others want to follow. You’ve got to learn how to make the right decisions, and how to understand not just the wider business, but also the roles of the people you’re leading. That’s the kind of rounded experience we’ll give you on the Fast Track programme, both through your studies and through your interaction with our senior leadership team.  

Is this right for you?

This year, the programme is open to Barclays UK and COO Ops colleagues only. You’ll also need to have worked at Barclays for at least a year, with at least 6 months but no more than 18 months in a line management role at BA3, BA4 or AVP level. If you’re not a line manager yet, you should be about to start that role, or have had a discussion with your line manager about becoming one soon. We’re looking for potential, so your previous background and qualifications don’t matter (though you shouldn’t currently hold a degree in Leadership). Our only request is that you have a Strong or above rating for your last Performance Management review.

Above all, we’re looking for people with the right attitude: individuals committed to accelerating their careers, who can successfully deliver against our overall strategy.  You’ll lead your teams with passion and energy and help Barclays to redefine the future of banking.

How does it work?

Unlike our other Higher Apprenticeships, the Leadership and Management Higher Apprenticeship – Fast Track enables you to stay in your current role. Wherever you are in the bank, you’ll study for your degree as you continue your work. We’ll also send you and your cohort on residential training weeks where we’ll mentor you and teach you the essential skills you need for your next modules.

We’ll give you plenty of support along the way, but this does mean you’ll need to be ready to balance your studies and your workload. We won’t lie – it’s a big challenge, but one with a brilliant career at the end.

Already applied for a Higher Apprenticeship this year?

If you applied for our Leadership and Management Higher Apprenticeship programme earlier this year and you completed the online assessment 'Show Us Your Strengths' then you will only need to complete the online application form for the Fast Track apprenticeship. This is because research has suggested that your score from this first assessment will be valid for a maximum of 6 months, so, the assessment you already completed will be used for your Fast Track application.

A career that keeps building

Get your degree with us, and you’ll see an incredible shift in your prospects. With help from mentors and tutors, you’ll gain your BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership – a qualification we designed in partnership with the Lord Ashcroft International Business School. Then, after your apprenticeship, we’ll support you as you move onto other leadership roles across Barclays.

In whatever you do, we’ll track your progress, helping you reach for new ambitions. It’s a long-term investment in your potential - as Shannon, one of our current Fast Trackers, tells us:

You get so much support on the Fast Track. Mentors, one-to-ones, and they’ll constantly be in touch to make sure everything’s okay with all of us. It’s hard, but even before we started, we mapped out how we’d manage our roles alongside our studies. Our mentors and our managers have those plans and they help us stick to it to manage everything effectively.

It’s a useful course not just for us but also for our business areas. One of the modules we worked on was a customer service report, looking at what we felt we could change that would benefit our business area. Then our leaders looked to us to bring that back into the business, to help make changes that would impact the whole team.

I’ve learnt a lot here about myself and what shapes me as a leader. I’ve picked up so much about my team, what role they play and what makes a high-performance team. This course has enabled me to take those skills back into my business area and share them with my wider team.

Shannon, current Fast Track Apprentice

Download Shannon's transcript

A whole team around you

There’s a lot to take on here, but you’ll find that your managers and mentors are always on hand to help you. In fact, many of them are some of our most passionate advocates of the programme:

Shannon and I have regular chats where I’ll dig in to make sure she’s getting on okay, does she need help with balancing her workload, that kind of thing. And through that constant contact and through her day-to-day work, I can really see how she’s grown as a manager. She’s becoming a more rounded leader, and she’s sharing that with the rest of my leadership team.

Jon, Shannon’s manager

An inside view

Right now, colleagues all over Barclays are taking on apprenticeships and making their future brighter. We’ll let them tell you about it for themselves:

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How do I apply?

We want everyone to succeed here, and as long as you’ve got your manager’s backing, we want to make the application process as easy as we can for you. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth guide to your Fast Track application  - so that you can prepare and show us your best self. 

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