Our recruitment process

Take a look at our BUK Spring Week video from our interns on why they chose Barclays.

We’re dedicated to helping you go further – and that starts from the moment you first apply. With our new Spring recruitment process, we’re moving towards a different way of thinking for our industry. It’s the most objective and fair way to see the best in our applicants – which means more diversity. It’s the most immersive way to show you what we do – which means realistic expectations for you. And on top of all that, it’s the most efficient use of your time.

What's different?

We’ve streamlined our application process so that getting a Spring offer from Barclays doesn’t mean an unreasonable time commitment for you. Our 3 stage process is designed so that we can get to know you better, but we won’t ask you to complete hours of applications for no reward.

We’ve also made sure that you’ll get to understand our business and what you’ll do. We won’t demand a lot from you whilst telling you little about ourselves. This process is all about respect, and that goes both ways.

What's involved?

1. Register your interest

All you have to do to begin with is research which of the Spring opportunities suits your skills and ambitions, and then tell us you’re interested. That’s it. Give us your CV and a few basic details, helping us to make sure we’re doing everything we can do to encourage diversity, and we’ll get back in touch to let you know what happens next.

2. Business Insight Stage 1

This is our first proper introduction to your skills, at which time you'll be immersed into a realistic but fictitious business scenario. This will give you a real insight into the work you’ll do with us, helping you to understand our industry and how you can add value. This stage will assess the full range of your strengths, values and cognitive abilities.

During the video you watch we’ll ask you some questions that start to uncover your strengths and abilities. It's not a timed activity and will take you around 35-40 minutes to complete. You’ll hear from us shortly after with constructive strengths-based feedback.

Before you begin the assessment process we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the types of questions you may be presented with.

Please click through to http://practice.cappassessments.com/ if you wish to progress.

Our application process is very immersive & interactive. We therefore recommend you use a desktop computer instead of a mobile device.

3. Business Insight Stage 2

During this next stage the business scenario you're presented with will delve a bit deeper into the business area you’re applying to. You’ll be asked specific questions relating to a project, and you’ll receive tasks that will reflect the type of work undertaken by our graduates.

Unlike other assessments you might have tried, our innovative platform means that this isn’t just an exercise in seeing how fast you can type. You’ll tackle multiple choice questions and be given a platform to record video responses too. This way we can get a fairer impression of how you work and what motivates you.

Although this stage is timed it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.

Our application process is very immersive & interactive. We therefore recommend you use a desktop computer instead of a mobile device.

4. Offer

If you have been successful we will make you an offer and we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps with you. If we can’t take you through this time our process should give you the insight and experience to help you find a role in the future.

What are we looking for?

During the assessment process, we’ll be looking out for particular strengths and cognitive abilities – character traits and skills you’ll find in Barclays colleagues all over the business. We come from diverse backgrounds and we approach challenges in different ways, but these are the things we have in common. They’re qualities that you might find in people from any background, and if you’ve got the skills, we’ll help you build on them.

Appsel 10

Agile learner

Agile learner

You’ll show us throughout the process that you’re hungry to learn more, adapting what you know to new situations and gaining a comprehensive knowledge of our business.

Appsel 01

Relationship navigator

Relationship navigator

You’ll demonstrate that you want to make strong and lasting relationships across teams, businesses and geographic areas. You’ll also be comfortable with calling on others for help and collaboration.

Appsel 02

Team collaborator

Team collaborator

You thrive on achieving goals through teamwork. During the process, you’ll show us that you can lead, make valid contributions, and leverage your group’s collective expertise and skills.

Appsel 03

Resilient performer

Resilient performer

You’ll demonstrate that you can work under pressure. You’re determined, you get things done, and you aren’t phased by challenges, changes or ambiguity in what’s asked of you.

Appsel 04

Critical analyst

Critical analyst

You like to analyse and interpret problems and complex information. When it comes to finding a solution, you’ll think broadly and consider a wide number of information sources to reach your conclusions.

Appsel 05

Numerical interpreter

Numerical interpreter

You’ll also demonstrate that you can understand the story behind facts and figures. You can use numerical skills to solve a problem, and you can use numerical data to build a narrative and understand a subject.

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