Celebrating 10 years of Barclays apprenticeships

It's the 10th birthday of Barclays apprenticeships and we have a lot to celebrate.

The apprenticeship programmes touch people’s lives, but also bring very talented people into Barclays to help us build, what we hope to be, one of the most respected and regarded banks in the industry.

Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive

10 years ago, our team at Radbroke had a thought that would change our bank. Instead of waiting for the next generation of tech talent to find us, we would train a new homegrown cohort of future inventors and fresh thinkers.

We put our heads together and developed an apprenticeship programme that offered it all. We put the programme to our team, and countless managers, mentors and supporters rallied together to help us build from the ground up.


One Friday, I was challenged to find a better way of bringing entry level colleagues into the business. That evening, I sat at my kitchen table and designed the Barclays apprenticeship programme. This was February – the first cohort started in March. Now, 10 years later, I’m surrounded by former and current apprentices who’ve made the journey worth every second.

Claire Findlay, Head of Programme Management

Over the past decade, we’ve expanded across teams and continents. From Operations to Investment Banking, and from India to the United States, we’ve welcomed more than 4,000 apprentices to our global team over the past 10 years. That’s 4,000 careers changed. 4,000 people who discovered their potential while learning new skills.

Even better, our apprentices are enhancing our culture, joining us from all walks of life. Some join after finishing their GCSEs. Some come to us after a career break, after raising their family, or even just before retirement. But whether they’re 16 or 60, they all bring potential and the will to succeed -  and they use that drive to transform both their careers and our business.

When we look back, it’s our colleagues – like Gracia – who remind us exactly why we developed this programme all those years ago: to create careers for everyone.

Each apprentice has huge influence and opportunity within Barclays too. Take 2013 apprentice, Jamie, who developed the Siri Payments feature for the Barclays iOS app and is now a Lead Cloud Developer. Or 2017 apprentice, Harriet, who hadn’t as much as a GCSE in IT, but didn’t let that stop her from single-handedly building and testing a new database management system, which keeps customers’ data secure.

Here, there aren’t any barriers. From day one, apprentices are an integral part of our business. They’re welcomed from all walks of life. They’re encouraged to challenge themselves and to learn from their mistakes. They’re supported every single day.

Interested in becoming an apprentice?

It’s time to think differently about discovering your full potential. Think differently about starting your career. Think differently about apprenticeships. Welcome to life at Barclays – will you join us?

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