Your induction

Our Being Barclays induction lets you discover how our business fits around you. With sessions on our values and ethos, you’ll instantly get into the mind-set of how we work as a team. You’ll be able to explore your career options from the very start, using our career planning tools to set you off. And with Risk and Control training, you’ll be aware of our key policies, including sensitive information management and data protection.

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Initial training image

Initial training

On our Initial Training Programme (ITP), we’ll introduce you to a wide range of skills. With business-specific and professional skills training, in-depth sessions on financial concepts and markets, as well as experiential learning, you’ll get to know our business inside out.

Starting on your desk

As a member of our Graduate Programme, you’ll get the opportunity to see how it all works for real. You’ll learn how to navigate Barclays and begin to build a professional network within the office. And you’ll build on role-specific knowledge, learning from those around you and contributing to innovative concepts.

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Someone to lean on

With your Line Manager at hand, you’ll have someone to guide you through the programme, supporting you with regular feedback. The experienced colleagues around you will help paint a picture of life at Barclays, aiding you in your continuous improvement and development.

Building your network

Your network is more important now than ever. You’re at the starting point in your career, and those connections will be the ones to support and guide you as you progress. With networking events, reverse mentoring sessions and high-profile talks, this programme will give you the opportunity to learn from others, making contacts with the best in the business.

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Getting hands on

Gained knowledge? Experience it for yourself. We encourage a hands-on approach with this programme. By giving you real problem solving situations, group challenges and citizenship projects, you can get a full understanding of the everyday challenges we face as a business. You’ll be aware of how our work affects our clients, businesses and communities through experiential learning and social impact projects. And you’ll learn to use your creativity to bring about change.

Your path to success

At this stage of the programme, you’ll be focused on your personal development and what you want to achieve. You’ll have access to all colleague and leadership curriculums, including subjects around impact influence and managing change. You’ll become your own leader and you’ll extend your learning through specific webinars.

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Onward and upward

Throughout your time on the programme, you’ll be given the chance to explore your development plans and goals with your dedicated career coach. You’ll be given bespoke interventions in order to help boost your career into something bigger, better and more impactful. For you. For us. And for the community.

Getting techy

Once you have chosen a route, you’ll be able to enjoy on-going technical role based training. This will help you to focus upon a specific area, giving you the opportunity to really get to grips with your chosen expertise.

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Continued learning

Finished learning? There’s always room for improvement. This stage of the Learning and Development programme is about you. It’s about applying everything you’ve learnt to your needs. You’ll make bespoke development plans, take on graduate development sessions and receive career coaching to propel you into our fast-paced business. Even after you complete the graduate programme you will continue to be supported and developed in your role by your line manager/team as well as the fantastic colleague and leadership curriculum.

Creating an inclusive environment is extremely important to us. That’s why we focus on your performance and potential throughout our recruitment and selection process. We want to get to know our candidates regardless of their past academic grades and experiences.