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Research Full-time Analyst

Research Full-time Analyst

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  • Develop your analytical skills and add many more
  • Learn about the many factors that influence the world’s financial markets
  • Discover how to gather, synthesise and interpret data from a host of different sources

The financial markets are affected by a multitude of issues. Research looks at them from every angle. An internship here will start honing your ability to think analytically and innovatively about the challenges ahead. And your input could help fuel the ideas that set our clients – and us – apart.

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  • Singapore
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What to expect

Expect real responsibility in our highly ranked Research team. It all starts with intensive training that equips you with the skills and knowledge to get involved in the incisive, responsive analysis behind ambitious business strategies. From there, you’ll start applying an analytical approach within a specific team, building abilities across valuation, accounting and excel modelling.

How you’ll develop

As well as enjoying extensive exposure to our Research teams, you’ll take on live work and add real value. From day one, you’ll start building the know-how you need to get your graduate programme off to a flying start, and you’ll always be able to count on support from senior in-house experts. Their advice and encouragement will strengthen your confidence and help you sharpen your skills. Performance coaching, social events and the chance to take part in projects outside of Research will also help you expand your network and develop.

Who thrives here

Resourceful, analytical, team-oriented people from any educational background who enjoy financial modelling. You’ll also need to be a clear, succinct communicator who has a keen eye for detail.