Our Technology hubs

We currently have two tech hubs in the US – our New York headquarters and our purpose-built tech campus in Whippany. Find out more here about where you’ll be based if you join our Technology teams.


In Whippany, New Jersey, you’ll find one of Barclays’ two US strategic tech-enabled hubs. Major investment has created a world-class workplace that’s not only a hotbed of innovation, but a state-of-the-art banking environment that’s unlike any other.

Click the video to take a tour of the campus in 360° - just click and drag to look around and find out more about what Whippany has to offer.


The hub is based on a 63-acre site with a brand new office of over 500k square feet. It’s a ground-breaking green space that’s been designed to bring out the best in people and encourage collaboration and learning across diverse teams. Here, you’ll find Operations, Technology and Functions all working under one roof, with colleagues enjoying mobility and every opportunity to integrate.

Our forward-looking approach is already paying dividends: the Whippany team is making great leaps in everything from automation, machine learning and AI to cloud computing technology.

The space itself is designed to maximize productivity, with video phones, wireless headsets, laptops and a flexible, wireless environment. And to make sure that our people can do their best work, we invest heavily in their development.

We know that people can only perform well when work’s balanced with free time. So we’ve made sure that Whippany offers a frictionless work/life experience, plus a wealth of great facilities. Here, you’ll find everything from an arcade and table games, to cafes, stores and a travel shop.

But what really makes the difference is inclusion, a focus on wellbeing and a team that cares about each other. Here, we respect others and promote citizenship, actively working with local communities. This isn’t just a place to work. It redefines how people work together.

New York image

New York

New York: it’s got everything – including one of Barclays biggest tech hubs.

Here, you’ll find an environment that’s buzzing with innovation and full of talented experts – people who love to collaborate and share ground-breaking ideas. They work on complex challenges right at the forefront of fintech, innovating and pushing boundaries to come up with major breakthroughs. Whatever role you take, you’ll be right at the heart of the action, dreaming up game-changing technology that could impact millions of customers worldwide.

Working here, you’ll be based in an eclectic global city, surrounded by world-class culture and entertainment. Whether you want to cheer on the Yankees or check out the Met, you won’t have far to go. There’s a thousand kinds of restaurants plus iconic stores and sites, and as our NYC office is based in the Theatre District, you can even stroll down the street and take in the latest show.

Best of all, you’ll be working with fantastic like-minded people, so there’ll always be someone to share your interests. Our team will be happy to point out their favorite spots and tell you about their fabulous city.