Vice President, Equity Research
New York


The best part of my journey with Barclays so far has been the internal career mobility and the people that have supported me along the way. My managers have allowed me a great deal of autonomy in my work. 

I think that this is crucial in a person’s professional development – the ability to take risks and be responsible for the outcomes. 

Just look at my experience.

I was first exposed to the industry when I interned at Lehman Brothers as a sophomore in 2006 and then again as a junior in 2007. I started full time right out of undergrad in the summer of 2008. My first job was on the US Economics Research team, where I stayed until 2011 when I made the transition to Equity Research. My background in macro analysis enabled me to pursue an opportunity within the education and business services sector. After two years, I requested to be transferred to the Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) team focused on the energy sector, where I have been since. My job is to have an opinion on each stock I cover and advise my clients to buy, sell or hold those stocks. I form my opinions through in-depth analysis, which includes reading company filings, reading industry reports, speaking with the CEOs and CFOs of the covered companies, speaking with industry contacts, putting together financial models, etc. I communicate my opinions through my estimates, written reports and conversations with clients as well as salespeople.

In my two years in the MLPs team, I have been involved in 14 initial public offerings (IPOs). The IPO process is special because it allows an analyst to have extensive access to management and company information that may be very difficult to come by otherwise. Helping to take these companies public has been a rewarding experience.