Analyst, Trade Capture Team
New York


I majored in Supply Chain Management in college. Supply Chain is concerned with optimizing efficiency amongst the different companies and processes in a product’s lifecycle in order to deliver the product to the customer in the best manner. I was able to see many parallels between what I studied and the intricate structure of an investment bank. This is what ultimately drew me to a career in finance. I wanted the ability to see the market and economy at work in daily tasks.

I work in the Trade Capture Utility (TCU) team, specifically focused on supporting our Cash Equities business. My team handles post trade processing and lifecycle amendments. I interact with teams across the business, and spend a lot of time interacting with external and internal clients, addressing and resolving their concerns. When a problem is brought to our attention, we work to identify the root cause so we can ensure that the issue is permanently resolved going forward. I am constantly communicating with clients and enjoy forming relationships with them so I can discover the best ways to serve each individual client. 

I find making connections with colleagues across various trading desks really rewarding. Being a part of a team that is constantly interacting with different functions across the equities business allows me to learn from the different roles of each group so that I can truly understand how we are delivering for the client.

The most interesting part of my experience at Barclays has been being part of a new division within the bank. 

TCU was created shortly before I started my internship, and I was placed full-time in TCU after graduation, so I have been able to see the team and role grow, as well as see colleagues develop. I am proud to have been a part of TCU from the beginning.