Associate, Banking
New York


Barclays is an incredibly collegial environment that quickly integrates new members of the team. You aren’t just another number here, you are part of the larger team and people recognize that on a daily basis. Barclays’ size, international footprint and breadth of product offerings provided the best platform to launch my career.

As a member of several deal teams within the Healthcare group at any given time, I help prepare and oversee an assortment of client materials and processes. Whether it be providing our perspectives on potential M&A opportunities, valuation, capital allocation or financing opportunities, my role as an Associate is to help coordinate the larger team’s effort to provide the client with the best outcomes and execution.

The learning curve within this role, and banking more broadly, is very steep. However, Barclays invests a considerable amount of time and effort to develop and train individuals. Not only is the initial training invaluable as you embark on your career, but the opportunities for continued education are numerous. Additionally, I’m working with, and being mentored by, incredibly smart people as we provide innovative solutions to clients.

I’ve had the most fun on the job when the team is presented with a challenging task and we are able to figure out a unique solution. 

It’s been both a rewarding and challenging experience to encounter new things every day and be expected to perform at the highest level to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Being part of industry transforming transactions and seeing my efforts directly affect clients is an incredible experience that makes this job very fulfilling, whether that’s working on a potential acquisition, debt origination, equity origination or other strategic advisory work.