Associate, Sales and Trading
New York


I interned in the investment industry during the summer after my sophomore year and really liked the market-facing side of the Equities business. I decided to apply to Barclays’ Sales and Trading internship program during my junior year and spent the summer rotating between three different Barclays desks within Global Markets. The internship program at Barclays is unique because you have the opportunity to explore multiple desks, and this really helped me figure out what role best fit my interests and skill set. During the Equities rotation, I particularly liked how the sales-trading role balanced client relationships with execution responsibility, so I expressed interest in sales-trading and ultimately secured a full time role on the Equities Electronic Trading desk. 

I typically get in before 7am and start the day by catching up on what happened in the overnight markets. I’m expected to be familiar with the dominant news stories of the day, compose market commentary for clients and monitor pre-market trades for clients trading before the open. My role is driven by my relationships with clients, which include traders at hedge funds and asset managers in the US, Canada and Europe. Most of my day revolves around talking to, interacting with and trying to add value for my clients through pre- and post-trade analysis, execution consultancy and general market color.

Recently, I’ve been working on a few custom execution products for clients which has been an awesome learning experience. Having to work closely with our product team and algorithm developers to deliver the best product to fit my clients’ needs is a challenging and rewarding part of my role on the Electronic desk. 

Of the many opportunities Barclays has provided me so far, I most value the client exposure I have had since starting on the desk. 

My ability to cover a wide range of clients across regions has furthered my understanding of the markets and of Barclays’ products. The breadth of our offering as a global organization is pretty amazing – we have a huge impact on so many different markets, communities and people and I’m fortunate to start my career at such a great place.