Associate, Banking
New York


I’m Lauren. I’m an Associate in the Natural Resources Group and I’ve been with Barclays for a little over a year.

In deciding where to start my career as an investment banker post-MBA, I really wanted to find a place that I could see myself long term and for me, Barclays was undoubtedly that place.

One of the things I really enjoy about working at Barclays is the collaborative nature. I remember during my summer, my staffer called me into his office at about 4:00pm on a Thursday and asked me if I had capacity to work on a deal that had a very short deadline. The deal team consisted of myself as the Summer Associate, a Summer Analyst, an Associate, a V.P., a Director and a Managing Director. All of us worked together through the night to get the work done by 10:00am the next morning and we ended up finishing it just in time. 

It wasn’t like the senior bankers dropped all the work off on the juniors’ desk and said, “We need to have this done by 10:00am,” but rather it was all of us working together, dividing and conquering to really finish strong and get the deal done.

Once we had met the deadline, the Managing Director brought us coffee and breakfast and sent us all home for the rest of the day to get some rest. He was really pleased with all the work that we had done and recognized the fact that we had put in some long hours.

One of the other things that really drew me to Barclays was the number of successful women I met. 

They were women who have great careers and also have families, husbands, kids and interests outside of their day-to-day work life. And that was something that really drew me to Barclays.

During my Summer Internship, I had a senior mentor who worked in Debt Capital Markets. We formed a really great relationship throughout my summer. We kept our relationship through my second year of business school. I came back full-time and was fortunate enough to get a spot in Debt Capital Markets working with my mentor. It was phenomenal to not only have a mentor but also be able to work alongside her.

People always ask, “What’s the culture like at Barclays?” There’s something really special going on here. You feel it when you walk through the door, you feel it in the elevators. Everyone’s really working together. It’s a team and I think that is the best description I can give you of the culture here.