Analyst, Equity Research
New York


I was an intern on the Internet team in Equity Research the summer following my junior year. I was very impressed by both the quality of work and the people. I felt that even as an intern, people in the department took a genuine interest in my development and went out of their way to be helpful. At the end of the program, I received a full time offer, which I accepted on the spot.

The culture here is very supportive of employees at all levels and lends itself well to mentorship.

I have developed relationships with several mentors within and outside my department who have given me great advice. The firm has also been supportive of me as I pursue advanced certifications, such as the CFA. 

It’s been my experience that Barclays allows Analysts to take on a lot of responsibility very early on, which offers a unique opportunity to develop quickly. I really value the opportunities I’ve been given to do challenging work early on in my career, as well as the exposure to both companies and clients that we have. 

On any given day, I might be writing, modeling, talking to clients, interpreting news flow and keeping up to speed on industry developments. The most interesting work is the analysis that we do where we arrive at a conclusion which is differentiated from those of other research firms. Our clients derive the most value from that and it is satisfying when you’re able to see something differently than other research teams.