Associate, Statistical Modeling & Development
New York


The best thing about Barclays is being in a very collaborative environment. Colleagues within the team are always very helpful. You can learn from them every single day, about business knowledge, technical skills, communication skills, etc. As a global investment bank, Barclays also offers you extensive exposure to different parts of the financial markets. People across the bank are always willing to share with you their experience and perspective. This is definitely a great experience for people who join the industry fresh out of school.

My daily work involves researching and developing algorithms responsible for our trading decisions to better serve our clients. The most rewarding part of my current role is that I’ve been offered great opportunities and real responsibilities since my first day on the job.

My first project at Barclays involved improving an algorithm to facilitate client trading building a mathematical model to predict our chance to win a deal with clients. Every time we respond to a client’s trade request, it goes through the predicting model and comes up with a price. 

It has been really rewarding knowing my first project continues to play an important role in serving our clients. 

By improving this algorithm, we can provide better market service to our clients and also improve the return to our shareholders. I’m able to see my work directly impact the success of  our franchise and I feel prepared to take on more challenging projects.

I felt prepared for this type of project from the start because of Barclays’ graduate training program. It is a great bridge connecting what you learn at school and what you apply to real world problems. You learn about the financial markets, what we do as a firm and how your knowledge can help us do better. It prepares you for the challenges you’ll face in your work, which have real world impacts.