Assistant Vice President, Market Risk
New York

Ei Yin

I am from Myanmar (Burma). I came to the US to pursue my undergraduate studies in Economics. After graduating, I moved to DC where I worked in public policy research focusing on cash and in-kind transfer program policies for low income working families in the US.  I subsequently decided to pursue a career in finance and went to complete a Masters in Finance, right before joining Barclays.

When seeking a finance role, I focused on opportunities in Market Risk because of the many hats that Market Risk Managers wear, the application of both quantitative and soft skills and the dynamic work environment. When I attended Barclays’ informational session on its Market Risk internship program, I was fascinated by the extensive involvement and support of very smart senior risk managers. 

Having grown up in a small town of a developing country, I have well understood the importance of collaboration and hard work for my professional and personal development. 

After these sessions, it was an easy decision for me to join Barclays. 

Since starting, I have been fortunate enough to work with very smart, hardworking professionals who are passionate about what they do and have high working standards. The team is constantly leaving things better than we found them. By representing risk correctly and managing risk appropriately, we help Barclays optimize its capital management. We also help regulators and other stakeholders understand our risk in a transparent manner. I feel invaluable to the bank and find my job meaningful and challenging because every facet of my job has such a profound impact across diverse stakeholders.

I have come to know my colleagues from my immediate and other groups both at the professional and personal level.  Working with like-minded foodies is a great plus; take out lunches from ‘exotic’ restaurants are a fun part of our days.