Analyst, Credit Research


As an Analyst on the credit strategy team, I provide in-depth research on credit markets to clients. My role is a unique cross-section of market-level and company-specific analysis. I contribute to the US Credit Alpha, which is a leading weekly global credit publication. Each week, we tackle a specific topic that we think would interest credit investors globally, particularly in investment grade, high yield, hybrid securities and credit derivatives.

One of the more interesting things I’ve worked on has been a piece on electric cars. Given the transformation in electric battery technology, and shifts toward renewable sources of energy, the piece took a long-term look at how more price-competitive electric vehicles might impact the credit market, especially for utilities. It was definitely one of the more unique topics I’ve worked on. 

One of the benefits of doing research is that there are such a large variety of topics that clients will find interesting, which means there is a lot of flexibility in what research topics you can work on.

In addition to publishing original research, I am in constant contact with clients, providing data on questions related to our published research, and discussing with them the strategy team’s broader views on the market generally. I am also constantly collaborating with sales and trading to see what investors are thinking about the market, and providing unique insights based on our published research.

Coming up with an original idea, and then running some numbers on it for publication is quite a treat. You instantly get feedback from colleagues and clients if you produce something interesting, and you really feel the impact you’re making immediately.