Statistical Modelling & Development Summer Associate

Statistical Modelling & Development Summer Associate

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  • Discover how we write the algorithms that power electronic trading
  • Be exposed to all asset classes
  • Work with and learn from a results-driven team

The Statistical Modelling and Development team is part of Barclays’ Front Office trading, providing algorithms and trading decision logic for electronic trading. The team partners with Technology, Risk, Trading and other control functions to deliver industry-leading algorithms for automated pricing, risk management and execution across all asset classes. Join us as an intern and discover where technical discipline and business intersect.


  • New York
    Applications open in August.

What to expect

As a Statistical Modelling and Development intern, you’ll take your first steps in the extremely challenging and fascinating world of algorithmic trading. Working with a broad spectrum of colleagues, you’ll learn how your work fits into our business. What’s more, you’ll help our team to turn mathematical and algorithmic ideas into trading reality. In this intensely mathematical and computing-based role, you might get involved in:

  • Learning to use statistical models and algorithmic coding in practice
  • Researching and implementing new models
  • Expanding our computational platform

How you’ll develop

Throughout the summer, our support will help you deliver your best work. In our team-driven environment, you’ll find that mentoring happens naturally and friendships are easy to form. Mentors will guide your progress, and networking and social events will provide a fully rounded experience.

Halfway through, you’ll get constructive feedback on your performance. By the time the summer’s over, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of our business, our culture and your potential place within it. If you perform very well and meet our hiring criteria, you could have a full-time role waiting for you after graduation.

Who thrives here

People with strong logical thinking, problem solving, and mathematical and programming skills in JAVA, R, Python or similar programs. Communication skills and a teamworking mentality are also useful in this role.

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