Markets Risk and Control Summer Analyst

Markets Risk and Control Summer Analyst

Application Information


  • Develop invaluable leadership skills
  • Build experience across our Markets business
  • Understand the vital role controls play in our business’ success

Working across our Markets business, we make sure risks are effectively controlled. It’s a crucial function that sees us liaising closely with a variety of teams, including trading and distribution. Join us and you’ll gain a great overview of how the whole bank works. You’ll also put your analytical mind to work on some interesting and challenging problems.


What to expect

You can expect to gain a huge amount of knowledge – about the market, Barclays’ products and the financial regulatory landscape as a whole. In your 10 weeks with us, you’ll work with a number of teams. As well as carrying out risk and control assessments, you could be involved in developing new standards, tools and procedures.

How you'll develop

Throughout the summer, our support will help you deliver your best work. In our team-driven environment, you’ll find that mentoring happens naturally and friendships are easy to form. Senior and junior mentors will guide your progress, and networking and social events will provide a fully rounded experience. Halfway through, you’ll get constructive feedback on your performance. By the time the summer’s over, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of our business, our culture and your potential place within it. If you perform very well and meet our hiring criteria, you could have a full-time role waiting for you after graduation.

Who thrives here

While we’ll expect you to have a strong academic record, we’re much more interested in your personal qualities. Top of the list will be your ability to think analytically and solve problems. You’ll also be resourceful, entrepreneurial and a strong team player as demonstrated through coursework, participation in extracurricular activities or work experience.