Electronic Trading Summer Associate

Electronic Trading Summer Associate

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  • Turn mathematical and algorithmic ideas into trading reality
  • Write the algorithms that power electronic trading for clients
  • Work across asset classes to do work that matters for our business

The Statistical Modeling and Development team is part of Barclays’ Front Office trading, providing algorithms and trading decision logic for electronic trading. The team partners with Technology, Risk, Trading and other control functions to deliver industry-leading algorithms for automated pricing, risk management and execution across all asset classes. Implemented in a high performance library, these are based on data analysis, and statistical and machine learning models. Join us and discover where technical discipline and business intersect.

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What to expect

As an Electronic Trading Summer Associate, you’ll be immersed in real world problems in the extremely challenging and fascinating world of algorithmic trading.

Working with a broad spectrum of colleagues, you will build on your expertise and develop the skills to turn mathematical and algorithmic ideas into trading reality. Coming to us with real skill in math or computer science, you’ll be developing the decision making logic that will act automatically in many aspects of electronic trading, including:

  • extracting information from the world of data available
  • determining prices to show to clients
  • determining the appropriate actions to manage risk of a trading book
  • building optimal strategies for execution of orders
  • building optimal routing for accessing liquidity available in the markets
  • forecasting alpha signals

How you’ll develop

At Barclays, you’ll be surrounded by people who will help you achieve your ambitions. Our collaborative, supportive environment gives you the chance to build solid relationships with senior leaders and peers alike. You will be in a unique unified group with the remit to do the modeling for electronic trading across all the asset classes in Markets, giving you the widest possible exposure to different techniques and trading instruments.

During this summer program, you’ll also:

  • participate in formal and informal training, designed to give you the knowledge you need, when you need it
  • receive detailed performance coaching and feedback
  • have opportunities to expand your network and develop leadership skills.

Your role as an Electronic Trading Summer Associate will be the best start for a successful career in the world of finance. The program will help provide a visible path to success, as well as the tools you need to get there.

Who thrives here

People with strong logical thinking, problem solving, mathematical and programming skills, including JAVA, R, Python or similar programs. Strong communication skills and teamwork mentality are also key in this role.