Developer Part-time Developer

Developer Part-time Developer

Application Information


  • Hone your skills through advanced training
  • Gain real-world expertise on projects that make a difference
  • Work with and learn from expert developers

Want to define The Next Reality? Stand on the shoulders of the giants who’ve achieved some of the world’s biggest technological breakthroughs as a Developer Analyst Co-Op. At Barclays, we know technology is crucial to our success, so we foster a culture where innovation thrives. It’s why we invest as much – if not more – in technology than the world’s leading tech companies. It’s why we’ll invest so much in you if you join our award-winning team.


What to expect

As a Developer, you’ll be the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of existing and new systems. This is more than playing around with code; you will be playing a critical role in finding innovative solutions to complex problems, for our clients and customers daily. 

How you'll develop

You’ll develop a solid understanding of the global markets and finance and make an impact right away. You’ll work in a varied and dynamic technical environment that includes Windows, Unix, C++, Java, C#, NoSql, MongoDB, Linux, Python, Hadoop, scripting languages, grid computing and real-time systems. You may:

  • Design and innovate products using the newest technologies
  • Provide an intelligence-led approach to cyber security
  • Develop intuitive user interfaces for applications
  • Optimize systems and applications
  • Analyze code to improve processes
  • Write scripts for data pulls and analysis
  • Work with business areas to understand and meet their needs

Who thrives here

At Barclays, you’ll be surrounded by people who will help you achieve your ambitions. Our collaborative, supportive environment gives you the chance to build solid relationships with senior leaders and peers alike. During the program, you’ll also:

  • Participate in formal and informal training
  • Connect with junior and senior mentors
  • Attend dedicated networking sessions and other program events
  • Receive detailed performance feedback

And if you really impress us, this could be the beginning of an incredible career. We invite top-performing, eligible summer analysts to join us as full-time Developer analysts after graduation.