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Sales and Trading Full-time Analyst

Sales and Trading Full-time Analyst

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  • Learn to operate within the fast-moving world of international finance
  • Make markets in one of our asset classes
  • Work closely with and learn from experienced colleagues

Get ready to move quickly. As part of our Sales and Trading team, you’ll work at the crux of the world’s financial markets, reacting swiftly to new information and market trends to help clients make their next move with confidence.

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What to expect

Join our U.S. Securitized Products business in either Sales or Trading and become part of a growing business within the Markets division of a global bank. Expect a steep learning curve and lots of growth. Following several weeks of intensive training, you’ll go straight into a sales or trading role on a specific desk. Once there, you’ll rapidly build up your knowledge of global markets, as well as your quantitative and analytical skills, through involvement in live work.

If you become a Sales Analyst, you might get involved in:

  • Analyzing and developing solutions to meet clients’ needs
  • Monitoring markets and formulating trade ideas
  • Analyzing a range of fundamental and technical data
  • Attending client meetings or calls with traders, salespeople and research colleagues

As a Trading Analyst, you might get involved in:

  • Monitoring markets and generating trade ideas
  • Participating in the pricing of products
  • Playing a key role in tasks such as trade reporting or profit and loss analysis
  • Assisting with managing risk of the team’s trading books

How you’ll develop

From day one, you’ll build the skills and experience you need for a successful career. Our Initial Training Program is an intensive training program designed to welcome you to the firm and jumpstart your knowledge of financial markets before you start on the desk.

After that, our Continued Learning program is a three-phase training program designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the firm’s products and people, as well as developing the technical, product, role-specific and soft skills necessary for success on the desk.

The first phase of Continued Learning equips you with product knowledge across asset classes, as well as systems training to help you work efficiently. In the second phase, you’ll get a real understanding of how interconnected our Markets and Research businesses really are. Plus you’ll attend small group training sessions focused on the unique skill sets required to perform your specific role. The final phase focuses on technical and soft skills training that will help you excel on the desk. 

Throughout your time as an Analyst, a dedicated Program Management team will provide detailed performance coaching and development opportunities to keep your progress on track. You will also find plenty of opportunities to expand your network and develop your leadership skills.

Who thrives here

People of any educational background, so long as they have a strong interest in business and finance. We also look for resourcefulness, teamwork mentality, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, often shown through participation in extracurricular activities.