Full-time opportunity

Rates Options Structured Trading Full-time Associate

Rates Options Structured Trading Full-time Associate

Application Information


  • Develop astute understanding of global markets
  • Find intensive training in product and business knowledge
  • Identify trading opportunities among complex financial products

Process complex financial insight that changes every day. Anticipate the trends that help the client make their next move. Help make markets that matter across the world. Keeping up so far? Then join us as a Rates Options Structured Trading Exotics Associate.


  • New York
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What to expect

In this role, you will work to quote levels for clients, risk manage our book, identify trading opportunities in both vanilla and exotic markets, and manage day-today tasks on the desk. You will also be involved in developing new products that will service client needs. You might also:

  • Work on pricing, execution, and hedging of new client business
  • Developing ideas for new products that we could successfully market and hedge
  • Identify trading opportunities among both exotic products and flow rates markets
  • Determine pricing and hedging methodology for complex, atypical structures
  • Pursue business by speaking or meeting with clients to discuss objectives and determine risk appetite
  • Collaborate with research team to develop and refine advanced quantitative pricing and risk management models

How you'll develop

From day one, you’ll build the skills and experience you need for a successful career. Our seven-week Initial Training Program is an intensive training program designed to welcome you to the firm and jumpstart your knowledge of financial markets before you start on the desk.

After that, our Continued Learning program is a three-phase training program designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the firm’s products and people, as well as developing the technical, product, role-specific and soft skills necessary for success on the desk.

The first phase of Continued Learning equips you with product knowledge across asset classes, as well as systems training to help you work efficiently. In the second phase, you’ll get a real understanding of how interconnected our Markets and Research businesses really are. Plus you’ll attend small group training sessions focused on the unique skill sets required to perform your specific role. The final phase focuses on technical and soft skills training that will help you excel on the desk.

Throughout your experience, a dedicated Program Management team will provide detailed performance coaching and development opportunities to keep your progress on track. You will also find plenty of opportunities to expand your network and develop your leadership skills.   

Who thrives here

People with a strong background in math and statistics or a programming background. A quantitative aptitude and ability to apply abstract concepts to real-world transactions will be helpful for success in this role as well.