Full-time opportunity

Portfolio Management Full-time Analyst

Portfolio Management Full-time Analyst

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  • Set out on a path towards promotion to Assistant Vice President
  • Use your analytical skillset to provide fundamental financial solutions
  • Work with and learn from the Portfolio Manager and Head of Business

Expect a variety of fascinating valuation, structuring and business projects. And expect a supportive environment that champions creative ideas and gives you the chance to manage your own future.


  • New York
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What to expect

Your journey will start with seven weeks of intense training designed to introduce you to our business, products and the essential skills you’ll need to be successful. After this, you’ll join our Portfolio Management team in New York, where you’ll provide analytical and business support to the team by doing everything from recommending loan structures and hedging ideas to monitoring loan portfolios and geopolitical risks. Really, the sky’s the limit for what you can do here.

Challenges will include:

  • Recommending loan structure and size
  • Daily tasks and deal execution requests
  • Monitoring loan portfolios
  • Tracking earnings and attending due diligence calls with management
  • Valuation and cash flow analysis
  • Monitoring company operations, industry and regulatory trends
  • Monitoring global macroeconomic and geopolitical risks
  • Recommending hedging ideas

How you'll develop

Your role as a Portfolio Management Analyst will give you the experience to succeed in the world of finance, and will provide you with a visible path to promotion to Assistant Vice President.

Our intense seven-week Initial Training Program will give you the tools you need to make a strong start. After training, you’ll work alongside top industry experts in New York, building networks and learning through hands-on project involvement. Not only will you build your analytical skillset, but you’ll also build leadership skills and solid relationships with a whole family of supportive colleagues.

Beyond this, you’ll find plenty of additional training available to help you expand your mind further and create smarter solutions. A mix of formal and informal Continued Learning programs will give you the knowledge you need, exactly when you need it. As you progress, detailed performance coaching and feedback from both your group and your Program Management team will keep you on a path to promotion.

Who thrives here?

People of any educational or career background, so long as they have a strong interest in banking and finance, as well as strong analytical skills and intellectual curiosity. We also look for resourcefulness, a communicative nature, teamwork mentality, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, often shown through participation in extracurricular activities and prior work experience.