Full-time opportunity

Macro Research Full-time Associate

Macro Research Full-time Associate

Application Information


  • Learn how we form the firm’s macro outlook on the global economy
  • Help deliver market-leading research in rates, FX and commodities
  • Interact with sales, trading desks and other research groups

Get your career off to an incredible start in our Macro Research team. Surrounded by experienced experts, you’ll gain a sound understanding of rates, FX and commodities markets, as well as the economic forces that influence them.


What to expect

Expect to gain valuable experience, whilst also having a genuine impact on our business. Working closely with a senior analyst, you’ll exercise your abilities to contribute ideas to thematic research reports and investment recommendations.

You’ll gain a sound understanding of rates, FX and commodities markets, as well as the economic forces that influence them. And day-to day, you’ll be involved in a whole range of activities that will broaden your understanding of what we do in Macro Research, including:

  • diving deep into the fundamentals of key markets and economies
  • studying the linkages between rates, FX and commodities markets
  • understanding micro structure in bond, interest rate derivatives, FX and commodity markets
  • working on custom projects and conducting empirical studies using public databases and Barclays’ proprietary data, models and analytics
  • collaborating with individuals in other research groups
  • interacting with professionals in sales and trading functions
  • and gaining experience on the publication process of Barclays Research periodicals.

How you'll develop

In our business, research is important for many reasons. It helps us to know more about the markets we work in. It allows us to make smarter decisions and guides us when making calculated risks. Research isn’t just one department, it runs through out entire bank – and you’ll be at the heart of it. By being in Macro Research, you’ll get into the detail. You’ll learn specific skills, build a professional network that spans across all departments, and you’ll influence real change within the world of rates, FX and commodities.

Your role as a Macro Research Associate will sit within the Research Function of our trans-Atlantic bank, with a network of people around to support you – senior leaders and peers alike. You’ll have many opportunities to take part in informal and formal training, connect with junior and senior mentors, network at program events, receive detailed performance feedback and give back to the community through volunteer events. This could be the beginning of an incredible career. If you perform well, you could even be promoted to Assistant Vice President.

Beyond this, you’ll find plenty of additional training available to help you expand your mind further and create smarter solutions. A mix of formal and informal Continued Learning programs will give you the knowledge you need, exactly when you need it. As you progress, detailed performance coaching and feedback from both your group and your Research team will keep you on a path to promotion.   

Who thrives here

Creative team players studying a Masters or PhD in a technical discipline such as Finance, Econometrics or Operations Research. You must have strong quantitative skills, including statistics and time series analysis. It is also important that you are comfortable working in a programming environment, working with Python, Matlab, SAS, Eviews and Excel VBA. And we also look for resourcefulness, communication skills, teamwork mentality, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, often shown through participation in extracurricular activities and prior work experience.