Full-time opportunity

Electronic Trading Full-time Associate

Electronic Trading Full-time Associate

Application Information


  • Discover how we write the algorithms that power electronic trading
  • Be exposed to all asset classes
  • Work with and learn from a results-driven team

The Statistical Modeling and Development team creates algorithms and model-based business logic used in electronic trading. The team provides liquidity to clients on an agency or principal basis, where either the connection to the client is electronic or a provision of that liquidity requires electronic trading. Our work requires the analysis, research and development of proprietary algorithms and trading business logic using data mining and statistical techniques. The team covers financial instruments including: Equities, FX Spot, Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Rates Futures, Rates Swaps, NDFs and CDS indices. Join us as an associate and discover where technical discipline and business intersect.


What to expect

As an eTrading and Machine Learning associate, you’ll implement machine learning and AI models for price, volume and other signals to evolve the algorithmic trading products. Working with a broad spectrum of colleagues, you’ll ensure our trading logic provides optimal and cost-effective execution across the business, while managing risk appropriately. In this intensely computing-based role, you might get involved in:

  • Learning to use statistical models and algorithmic coding in practice

  • Designing and tuning algorithmic trading strategies to improve performance and/or P&

  • Conducting microstructure analysis to ensure algorithms are fit for the specified markets

  • Test practical machine learning techniques

  • Researching and implementing new models

  • Expanding our computational platform

How you’ll develop

Our support will help you deliver your best work. In our team-driven environment, you’ll find that mentoring happens naturally and friendships are easy to form. Mentors will guide your progress, and networking and social events will provide a fully rounded experience.

You will receive continuous feedback on your performance. In a short period of time, you will gain a solid understanding of the eTrading business, our culture and your potential place within it. 

Who thrives here

  • People with strong logical thinking, problem solving, mathematical aptitude and programming skills in JAVA, Q, Python or similar programs.

  • Communication skills and a teamwork mentality are key in this role.

  • Prior experience as a quantitative trader or front-office quant on a trading desk is beneficial, but not required.