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Credit Risk Full-time Analyst

Credit Risk Full-time Analyst

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  • Learn the ins and outs of managing risk
  • Develop an exceptionally broad understanding of finance, markets and transactions
  • Support, inform and shape some of our biggest decisions

In our industry, managing risk isn’t just important; it’s essential – and you’ll help make it happen. Working and learning alongside experts in their field, you’ll make sure we deliver the right products and solutions to our clients. In return, we’ll support your development every step of the way.


  • New York
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What to expect

Your first step will be five weeks of intensive training covering the core knowledge and skills you’ll need to make a strong start. After this, you’ll enter a series of three rotations, learning our products, studying the markets and analyzing transaction structures for our clients and the Group. As you progress, you’ll develop a solid foundation in financial analysis, market research, capital markets products and transaction structures. You may take on challenges such as:

  • Analyzing investors’ funds for risk exposure, financial returns, liquidity and leverage
  • Presenting in-depth summaries of complex deals
  • Assessing and reporting on our global exposures in key sectors
  • Building models to assess financing outcomes
  • Reviewing the operating performance of specific companies


How you’ll develop

During your time in our graduate program, our formal and informal training will give you the knowledge you need, when you need it.

First up is our Initial Training Program (ITP) - a cross-divisional classroom training program where you’ll learn financial markets fundamentals, as well as technical and professional skills. By the end, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know about our firm, the markets we operate in, and how your role fits in.

Once you’ve spent a few months in your role, our Continuing Learning curriculum launches – unifying and refining the concepts that you’ve learned during ITP and the practical training you’ve completed with your team.

Our Program Management team is committed to helping you achieve your goals at Barclays. Throughout the program you will receive career guidance, continuous performance coaching and feedback to keep you on track. Your managers and colleagues will be here to support you too.

When you complete your time as an Analyst, you’ll have a number of options open to you – including placement into an exciting role right here at Barclays.

Who thrives here

Resourceful and enthusiastic team players do well here. For this particular challenge, a major in Accounting, Finance, Mathematics or an Economics-related field is also preferred.