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Credit Research Full-time Analyst

Credit Research Full-time Analyst

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  • Support a Senior Analyst in all aspects of the role: financial modeling, trade idea generation, developing fundamental relative value theses
  • Gain exposure to clients, sales and trading, and understand what drives flow in the marketplace
  • Contribute ideas and insights to high-profile investment theses

Credit Research is all about turning information into insight. Working alongside experts in our award-winning team, you’ll help clients make informed investment decisions. Together with your team, you’ll support innovative offerings while bringing your own incisive thinking to the table.

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What to expect

Expect real responsibility. Your experience will begin with seven weeks of intensive training covering the core knowledge and skills you’ll need to make a strong start. After this, you’ll go straight into a specific sector team working with Senior Analysts and contributing insights and ideas to investment theses and reports. In time, you’ll find yourself presenting your ideas to colleagues as well as clients. Your responsibilities may include: 

  • Analyzing macro industry trends and company financials 
  • Gathering, synthesizing and interpreting data from publications and other sources 
  • Writing analyses 
  • Building financial models and industry databases 
  • Developing and delivering marketing materials for clients

How you’ll develop

We will provide you with a visible path to promotion to Assistant Vice President, and the tools to help you get there.

From day one, you’ll build the skills and experience you need for a successful career. Our seven-week Initial Training Program is an intensive training program designed to welcome you to the firm and jumpstart your knowledge of financial markets before you start on the desk.

After that, our Continued Learning program is a three-phase training program designed to broaden and deepen your understanding of the firm’s products and people, as well as developing the technical, product, role-specific and soft skills necessary for success on the desk.

The first phase of Continued Learning equips you with product knowledge across asset classes, as well as systems training to help you work efficiently. In the second phase, you’ll get a real understanding of how interconnected our Markets and Research businesses really are. Plus you’ll attend small group training sessions focused on the unique skill sets required to perform your specific role. The final phase focuses on technical and soft skills training that will help you excel on the desk.

Throughout your time as an Analyst, a dedicated Program Management team will provide detailed performance coaching and development opportunities to keep your progress on track. You will also find plenty of opportunities to expand your network and develop your leadership skills.

Who thrives here

People of any educational background, so long as they have a strong interest in business and finance. The curiosity to dig deeper into financial and non-financial information and the ability to draw insightful conclusions from your findings are central to the role. We also look for resourcefulness, teamwork mentality, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, often shown through participation in extracurricular activities.