Trade Capture

The Trade Capture (TC) team follows complex systems and processes to track trades from beginning to end. Vital to the smooth running of the investment bank’s trading floor, they make sure the right details of each trade are recorded in relevant systems. This team’s work is all about speed, accuracy and making sure risks are kept to a minimum.

Real world impact

Modern computerized trading works at lightning speed and pushes trillions of dollars around the globe. The TC team is responsible for everything that takes place after a trader ‘pushes the button’ to execute a trade. That means working side by side with Trading, Sales and clients to ensure the right financial instruments are transferred between buyers and sellers. 

So, what could this mean for you?

Working through complex processes and improving the systems that support them will give you great insights into the way that trades work. This is a team that brings you into contact with many different functions across the investment bank and equips you with skills and knowledge that you can apply in different business contexts. Your technical background and ability to problem solve will allow you to understand current systems and processes while continuously looking for areas of improvement.