Sometimes people say that investment banks are technology companies that provide banking services. Clients require instant trades, international transactions and the best cyber security protection available. And the Technology team is tasked with making this all possible by using – or even creating – the latest innovations so that the investment bank can function reliably and securely. This is why Technology is at the forefront of everything an investment bank does.

Real world impact

Without cutting-edge systems and technology capabilities in place, an investment bank would not be able to function. Technology allows investment banks to talk to clients, carry out trading activities, deliver multi-billion dollar transactions and manage risk while maintaining 24/7 operations. Countless companies place their trust and money in investment banks and it is imperative to keep everything safe and secure. Technology enables all of this.

So, what could this mean for you?

You’ll get to dream up and then work on solutions to some of the most complicated challenges in finance using a wide range of technologies. Teams here work on everything from big data and machine learning to software performance tuning and cyber security. Your passion for technology means you’ll stay up to date on the latest advances and influence the future of how investment banking is done.