Sales & Trading

A trade means buying or selling financial instruments such as stocks or bonds on behalf of clients. Sales & Trading execute such transactions from beginning to end. Sales manages the relationship between the investment bank and its clients. They offer advice on the market, pitch new trade ideas and help clients place specific trades with the investment bank. Once clients have decided how they want to move forward, the Trading team makes the trade, literally buying or selling financial assets from other investors. Traders also help manage the risk of their respective trading desks. Both Sales & Trading teams must react quickly to fluctuations in the market by determining what’s relevant to each client and how to present that information in a way that clients will understand.

Real world impact

Sales & Trading teams help pension funds, insurance companies, central banks and many other institutional investors act on investment decisions. These teams are integral to the financial marketplace. The sales force and trading teams actively assist clients with trades in response to global events, such as political news and economic data.

So, what could this mean for you?

Working in Sales & Trading means working at the center of the market. You’ll actively meet with clients, assist in trades and provide your interpretation of the financial climate. Surrounded by a variety of markets crossing stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, you’ll offer insightful analysis and communicate clearly on a daily basis.