Processes, technology and people: the Operations team fits them all together to handle millions of vital transactions every day. That means looking at the big picture of what the investment bank needs to serve its clients and internal teams efficiently. It’s also about the second-by-second, day-to-day business of keeping the investment bank’s wheels in motion.

Real world impact

Have you ever thought about how a global investment bank pays its taxes, how your credit card swipe translates to money in a company’s bank account or what it takes to deposit a billion-dollar loan into a corporation’s bank account? Operations team members know, because this is the stuff they do every day. Operations plays a crucial role in ensuring that business activities are carried out quickly, efficiently and in compliance with all rules and regulations required.

So, what could this mean for you?

In Operations, you could work with colleagues in various divisions internally as well as with external clients, all while developing your problem-solving and collaboration skills. You’ll need to use your creativity to spend time thinking about how to use technology and processes to identify how things could be done differently. It’s a great place to start your career because the skills you’ll learn in Operations can easily be transferred across different teams within Operations or even to other divisions.