Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an independent team that assesses the risks that might prevent the investment bank from achieving its goals. This team is a critical part of any investment bank and ensures that everyone is aware of the things the organization is doing well and the things that could be improved – almost like a report card.

Real world impact

Boards of Directors rely on Internal Audit to provide accurate information about the risks that investment banks face and how they manage those risks. This team analyzes systems and procedures to make sure they work well. They find a balance between keeping risks to a minimum and ensuring the investment bank is able to take advantage of business opportunities.  

So, what could this mean for you?

Joining Internal Audit means having an influence over the way the investment bank is run because the information you provide will be used to inform strategy and actions. You’ll need to think critically and objectively about the issues behind the numbers and you will work closely with teams across the investment bank to identify opportunities for improvement. That means having strong analytical and communication skills.