Finance looks after how banks manage their money – monitoring and advising on the performance of the business, carrying out the financial reporting that is required by law and ensuring costs are managed. Together, these functions provide the control needed to maintain the integrity of a bank’s earnings and spending.

Real world impact

Finance is a global division that has a huge amount of influence within the bank. The team’s focus on reporting and control means they are closely involved in ensuring the bank operates within different countries’ regulations, alongside other teams such as Legal, Compliance and Operations.

So, what could this mean for you?

Working as part of a team so closely connected to international networks means you’ll get exposure across the bank. You’ll build strong relationships internally and have a direct impact on how the front office business performs, from a financial perspective, by spotting inefficiencies and finding solutions. Success depends on more than numerical abilities; you must be able to analyze data and draw conclusions with relevance to the wider business and then communicate them effectively.