Equity Research

Equity Research writes reports that help clients decide whether to buy or sell particular stocks. This team’s opinions are based on expertise in a specific industry such as mining, natural resources, healthcare or consumer products. Equity Research looks at the value of companies – things like their profitability, cash flow and future prospects – and makes forecasts about the return on investments.

Real world impact

Companies issue equity to raise money; investors buy equity in a company (literally a share of the business) hoping it will increase in value. Equity Research closely monitors what companies are doing and how the market is reacting, then forms an opinion on what’s happening to share with investors. This team’s reports are highly valued and are often used as the basis for investment decisions.

So, what could this mean for you?

Equity Research is about curiosity and communication. Having an influence on the decisions of both the investment bank and its clients means you might get to make a big impact right away. The reports you write may alter the price of stocks or even transform the way an organization is run.