Credit Research

Major investors, such as hedge funds and asset managers, look to Credit Research for information that helps them make good investment decisions in debt-related products such as bonds. Before buying a company’s debt, these investors want to know whether that company will be able to repay it. This is where Credit Research comes in, assessing the many factors that may impact the target company’s future financial health. Credit Research analyzes industry trends and transforms complex data and information into tangible and digestible reports that can offer real value to clients.

Real world impact

The reports that Credit Research publishes play an important role in providing information to investors and other market participants to help guide their decision making. This research could cover one specific company or it might focus more broadly on multiple businesses and trends. The investment reports that this team produces often provide unique perspectives and are read by thousands of people.

So, what could this mean for you?

Joining Credit Research means becoming an expert in a specific industry such as energy, retail or healthcare to name a few. It starts with intellectual curiosity, which you’ll use to create highly influential reports. Clients will look to you as their trusted advisor and you’ll play a major role in providing the information they rely on when making investment decisions. As your expertise grows, you’ll get to interact with the leaders of multinational companies, so the ability to form and nurture relationships is also key.