The Compliance team works at the intersection of law and finance. Governments around the world create new laws and regulations all the time and Compliance stays on top of the ones that impact the investment bank. They are responsible for offering guidance and advice to management and colleagues on the ever-changing world of global regulations.

Real world impact

By providing colleagues with guidance on what’s required of them by regulators, Compliance helps keep the global financial markets functioning smoothly. It’s a team that plays a key role in ensuring that both the investment bank and its stakeholders are protected from things like insider trading, corruption and fraud.

So, what could this mean for you?

There are many different teams within Compliance. You could be working directly with regulators in global capitals, like Matt, a Vice President in Compliance. You could also be investigating financial crimes or creating policies and training programs for colleagues. Whatever area you work in, you will be considered a trusted advisor. Your colleagues will turn to you to help answer the questions “Can we do this?” and “Should we being doing this?”. It will be important for you to think critically about potential consequences and risks for the business if you work in Compliance.