You accepted an offer…Now what?

It’s an exciting time, but you’re probably wondering what comes next. Find out here.

Congratulations on accepting an offer! You’re well on your way to starting your career. But before you get started on the desk, there are a few items to check off the list. You may hear the term “onboarding” thrown around, which is the process through which an organization assimilates new employees. Each company has their own specific process for onboarding; however some things are likely to happen if you’re joining a company like Barclays.

During the months between accepting your offer and your first day, you might be asked to submit updated personal, contact or career information, like an updated mailing address or resume. You’ll also probably be asked to complete a number of forms needed for things like background checks, drug tests and proving your ability to work in the country where you've been hired.

There’s generally a lot to keep track of during the onboarding process. Your employer may give you access to a tool or guide that lays out all the steps you need to take. At Barclays, we have a “new joiner” website to help keep new hires on track with all of their tasks and to organize their information.

During this period, you may not be in contact with your recruiter as much, but they are definitely still available to answer your questions! Do keep an eye out for communications from your recruiter though, as they may send information regarding tasks to complete or key program information you won’t want to miss.

And speaking of being in touch, the time between accepting your offer and actually starting is a crucial time for you to be networking within the company. You've already met several people through events and interviews. You can use those connections to your advantage during this quieter period. An expanded network not only helps you understand the business better, but it could also help you decide which desk or business groups you want to work for if you need to go through a group placement process for your program.


After the onboarding your first day likely to include an orientation. At Barclays, all of our interns and full-time graduates start off with a robust training program tailored to their needs. Everybody’s first day at any new job is always a mix of excitement and anxiety, but don’t worry, you've made it this far and you’ll be fine. Good luck!