Why Equity Research is a great place to start your career

As told by Matt, a former intern and current Assistant Vice President in Equity Research at Barclays.

"I was the president of my investment club in college and always enjoyed diving deep into the companies: What products are they developing? Can the new CEO turn it around? Why is this hedge fund holding this position? Will a competitor take over market share?

These are the questions you ask every day in an Equity Research role. Your job is to take all the information out there (like press releases, company guidance and news articles), digest it and make a decision: Is this new data important and how will it affect the company? Is this worth sharing with our clients? It is pretty cool.

I interned in equity research following my junior year in college and immediately realized the job encompassed a very well-rounded skill set. I view Equity Research as the bridge between public companies and large investors. Our team is in constant communication with both, making communication skills extremely important. In addition, on the job you learn all about company valuation while updating your models to reflect all the information out there. You become an expert in an industry and learn the drivers that move the market.

Coming out of college, Equity Research is a great position that will really prepare you for anything. The teams are small (3-4 people typically) and very flat. This structure gives you a lot of responsibility right away and gives you experiences you would not find with many other jobs. My first year out of college, I was talking to important hedge fund clients that were asking my opinion on specific stocks. I was already sitting at dinners with CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies. I do not know where else I would be doing those kinds of things. That’s why my time at Barclays has been irreplaceable."