Why apply to sophomore springboard?

Incoming Summer Analyst, Clarissa says that attending gave her the support needed to land an internship.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to participate in the Barclays’ Sophomore Springboard Program. After going through a very competitive application process, I was excited to be chosen to join Barclays for this experience. When I visited Barclays’ New York headquarters I was awestruck by the dynamic and fast-paced work happening right in front of my eyes.

One part of the program that I enjoyed in particular was the tour of different floors within the office. Visiting the areas of  the different types of bankers enabled me to observe the distinctive roles of the product and coverage groups and understand the key differences between them.

Additionally, Barclays kept the program exciting by bringing in Pillars of Wall Street to help us learn about investment banking, and we were given the opportunity to play a virtual trading game. Throughout the program, I was able to meet and talk with many members of the firm. During the cocktail hour and the networking breakfast, I spoke with several different Analysts and Managing Directors from various groups in the bank. I relished the opportunity to converse with people who had extensive experience in the field I was pursuing, and I gained a great amount of valuable insight from these conversations. I also enjoyed meeting and conversing with other students in the program who were smart, driven and passionate about finance. 


After the program concluded, Barclays provided great support to help prepare me for the summer internship recruiting season.
All Sophomore Springboard participants were given the option to partake in a modeling webinar, which helped me learn more about the day-to-day tasks of investment bankers. Barclays also set me up with a mentor to guide me through the recruiting process. My mentor was very helpful in providing me with resources and answering any questions I had. 


The recruiting process can be a bit intimidating because of the competitiveness and complexity of investment banking, but I was fortunate to receive continuous encouragement and support from Fordham alumni, former Barclays’ interns and my mentor leading up to my interview day.


I was drawn to the environment at Barclays from the time I participated in the Sophomore Springboard program, and that connection has deepened as I have continued to interact with the firm. During my interviews, the Managing Directors were interested in the person I was and the career goals I have; showing me that I would be more than just a number at Barclays. Being a two-sport Division I athlete at Fordham University, I thrive in a team environment, and I found teamwork to be an integral part of Barclays’ philosophy. I admire the motivation, passion and loyalty the people I met show to the firm. I was thrilled when Barclays made me an offer, and I accepted it on the spot. I am incredibly excited to start a career in investment banking at a place that prides itself on upholding their core values of respect, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship.