Why I chose to stay at Barclays

Internal opportunities and great colleagues keep David progressing at Barclays.

As a senior in college, I was searching for a position that would allow me to work with a team of smart, driven people on impactful work that was both quantitatively and qualitatively challenging. After a long search, I decided to join Barclays as an analyst in Leveraged Finance. 

In that role, I specialized in helping companies in the healthcare industry. I had an incredible experience working on non-investment grade debt transactions in support of corporate M&A, sponsor leveraged buyouts and general refinancings.  My colleagues, analysts to MDs, were all extremely experienced and approachable.  I saw Barclays-led transactions on TV and in the newspapers.  I was constantly challenged and developed a finance skill-set. The position checked all the “required” boxes. 

Two years into my analyst stint, however, I wanted to try something new but still had the same position priorities – work with a team of smart, driven people on impactful work that was both quantitatively and qualitatively challenging.  A few of my peers who felt similarly left Barclays to join other investment banks, switch to the buy-side or choose different paths altogether. 

I chose to look internally because I knew that anywhere I looked in the firm, I would find great people and demanding projects.  The only question I had was, what type of impact did I want to have?

Nine months ago I decided to rotate into the Social Innovation Facility (SIF) – a group created to support and accelerate the development of new Barclays products and services that deliver a sustainable commercial return and an ongoing social impact.  My impact changed from financing corporate M&A to providing loan guarantees for smallholder farmers in Africa and financing new credit card products for underserved populations. 

Additionally, I was able to work with Barclays’ Citizenship team on shaping and implementing the Shared Growth Ambition, a strategy focused on supporting access to a prosperous future through financing, employment, and financial and digital empowerment.  My rotation has been another incredible experience, although vastly different from my time as a Leveraged Finance analyst. 


At 25, I expect that my interests and passions will continue to evolve, but I know that Barclays has incredible opportunities to fulfill them.