What to expect during Sophomore Springboard

Participant Ricky shares his experience on how the program prepared him for interviews and internship recruitment.

As a sophomore gearing up for a career in Banking or Markets, I was in the thick of preparing for fall recruitment. My approach to recruitment was to think thoughtfully about where I saw myself fitting in and succeeding in what is typically characterized as an incredibly rewarding but equally demanding career path.

During my spring semester the opportunity to attend the Barclays' Sophomore Springboard Program presented itself to me. The program stood out from the other sophomore programs that I attended and played a key role in my decision to accept an internship offer within the Investment Banking Practice at Barclays.

The program’s sole aim is to create a space where participants simultaneously gain an understanding of the business as well as what makes Barclays’ culture so great. The program culminates in a rich experience because it provides valuable Analyst skills training as well as networking opportunities to meet Barclays employees across all parts of the investment bank.


By the end of the program, you come away with a strong skill set necessary for Analyst success and a strong network of people at Barclays who will help you navigate internship recruitment.


Broadly speaking, the recruitment process at investment banks is a difficult one, as questions of culture, fit and preparedness can be overwhelming at times. This program was an incredible leg up because it clarifies and answers the question “Why Barclays?” The Sophomore Springboard program demonstrated that Barclays has both a strong willingness to invest in young talent and employs people who were unequivocally the most helpful and invested in my success throughout my internship search.

Because of the valuable skills training and network that I gained as a Springboard participant, I feel confident and excited to tackle the unique learning opportunities at Barclays when I intern this summer. Reflecting on my Springboard experience, I strongly urge that future applicants take advantage of this rewarding experience.