What is the Sophomore Springboard program really like?

Ally gives us a glance at this intensive two-day event.

The Sophomore Springboard program was incredibly worthwhile, as it offered me unrestricted access to Barclays’ most valuable asset – its people. Throughout the course of the two-day program, we were given countless opportunities to converse, network and intermingle with individuals ranging from Analyst to Managing Director – all of whom had unique perspectives to offer and experiences to share.


By asking thoughtful, genuine questions and carefully processing their answers, I was quickly able to learn a great deal about the culture, market position and work environment at Barclays.




Additionally, we were afforded the opportunity to take part in a workshop hosted by Pillars of Wall Street, which is a group that specializes in concepts such as corporate valuation, financial accounting methods and Excel modeling. This workshop, coupled with a real-time trading simulation game that we participated in, helped us to a gain a deeper understanding of various responsibilities that Analysts at Barclays are expected to master. Ultimately, this early exposure to information related to valuation, accounting and the broader markets proved to be extremely advantageous when preparing for internship interviews during the fall.

I am incredibly excited to join the Barclays team this summer and look forward to learning from and working alongside some of the brightest minds in business. Since attending the Sophomore Springboard program, I have been profoundly impressed by the firm’s continued efforts to get to know more about me as a unique individual. I believe that this speaks volumes to the culture at Barclays – a culture that I am proud to be joining.