What can you learn from the people who work here?

Get insights into life at Barclays from people like you.

We’re working with clients across the world. We have many different business areas. And we’re evolving all the time – which means new opportunities are regularly opening up. For all of these reasons, we’re a remarkably diverse organization offering a huge array of career choices.

With so many options, picking which job will be a good fit for you isn’t always easy. That’s why it makes sense to investigate what others love about the work they do here. What gives them the biggest buzz? What do they find satisfying about their day-to-day responsibilities? And would you get as much out of the work as they do?

Meet our people

Head to our Meet our people page and you’ll get the inside story from a range of personalities in every part of our business. People like Lauren, in Banking, who loved the team spirit she experienced during her summer internship; or like Brandon, in Compliance, who really values the fact that our senior people are so accessible and supportive.

Hear their stories

If you’re interested in Corporate Banking, you can read how Shreya is carving out a career in that division without having a finance background.  And how she’s already working with household-name clients across multiple countries. Or if Technology is more your thing, check out Allison’s story. She loves working on dynamic projects across several areas of the bank.

Wondering if Trading is for you? Carlos and Ryan will tell you what their work day involves and will explain how they are making an impact on Barclays and their clients.   

Listen and learn

Whether you’re still exploring the options open to you here – from Finance to Human Resources, Research to Operations – or you’ve pinned down the area that most appeals to you, understanding the everyday lives of our people could make all the difference. Can you see yourself in our shoes?

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