Three reasons why a career in financial services could be right for you

You might be surprised by what the industry has to offer.

Are you considering a career in financial services but aren’t totally convinced it’s a good fit? Or maybe the idea has yet to even cross your mind? To help you make the best decision, we have highlighted three great reasons to work in our industry. Take a look – you might be surprised by what the industry has to offer.

1. An industry that’s here to stay

The financial services sector provides essential services that keep the global economy running. In this industry, you’ll be playing a vital role in helping people, businesses and countries grow and prosper. After all, nearly everyone relies on financial services to some degree – it’s an industry that truly makes a major global impact.

2. The business of game-changing innovations 

Can you think back to a time before debit cards, ATMs or online trading platforms? It’s hard, right? They’ve become such a staple of our daily lives that it’s difficult to comprehend what life was like without them.

It’s often said that change is the only constant, and that’s true in this industry. The financial technology novelties of today, like cryptocurrencies, blockchain and crowdfunding, will likely be the ‘new normal’ of tomorrow.

By working in this industry, you will experience first-hand the power of new innovation, both in the near future and down the road. You can be part of the team that collaborates on the next big thing, helping your clients and your company stay ahead of the game.

3. Build skills that will last a lifetime

Companies in this industry have a strong track record of making employee development a priority, something you won’t find everywhere. When you first start out, most financial services companies will offer several weeks of training, plus hundreds of courses on every technical and professional topic related to your job that you can think of once you’ve started working.

At your desk, you’ll pick up both hard and soft skills, like how to use data to make major decisions and how to manage projects end-to-end. Client exposure early on is common, so you’ll quickly learn to get comfortable presenting your points effectively and persuasively. You’ll also learn attention to detail, the value of working in teams and how to manage both up and down.

With this toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to make rapid progress in the early stages of your career, finding new and exciting projects to work on all the time.

We hope these reasons have given you food for thought. Ask some people who work in financial services for their reasons too. Soon, you’ll be able to come to your own conclusion about whether this is the industry for you. If you decide it is, Barclays has plenty of opportunities you should consider. You can find them all on this website so take a look around!