Learning to be social innovators

There's more to training at Barclays than what you might expect. See how our graduates are learning to be social innovators.

You might think that a company like Barclays offers primarily hard skills training to our graduates, covering topics like Excel, modeling, valuation and so on. While those skills are important to our work and part of what we offer in our training programs, they aren’t the only skills we help our graduates build. As they advance in their careers, being able to identify and create solutions for clients that also benefit society are key.

That’s why we designed training to unlock our graduates’ potential as social innovators. 100 Banking Associate promotes recently spent half a day at Rise, our open innovation co-working space in New York, collaborating on potential solutions for three very real social challenges.

Using their own knowledge and a “tech toolkit” that included the internet of things, blockchain, virtual reality, drones and crowdfunding, the teams came up with different ways Barclays could potentially address these societal challenges. Just as importantly, they gained new skills and expanded their ways of thinking, opening their eyes to the type of societal impact they can have through their work here at Barclays. As Jack, an Associate based in our London office, said, it was a brilliant day.