Positioning MBA hires for success

Banking Associate Crystal explains how rotating through three groups shortly after starting at Barclays helped her find the right one to join full-time.

My name is Crystal and I am a first year Banking Associate in the Industrials coverage group. I joined the firm full-time after graduating from Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 2016 and recently completed training and the Associate rotational program.  The Associate rotational program offers incoming Associates an opportunity to work in three different coverage or product groups for approximately five weeks each before joining one group full-time. 

The Associate rotational program provided me with the unique opportunity to experience how different groups operate on a day-to-day basis and ultimately make the best choice for my career.  This program was one of the key factors that stood out to me during recruiting because it gives incoming Associates options and visibility with groups you might not have had otherwise.  I initially had been certain that I would return to the group I spent my summer internship in, as I had thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  I went into rotations with an open mind and surprisingly found that Industrials was the group I wanted to join full-time. 

The program is a great example of how Barclays invests in its junior bankers.  Most MBAs come into the Associate role viewing it as a starting platform for a career in banking.  This makes finding the right group that much more important.  The program is one of a kind and gives incoming Associates the chance to explore different industries and groups in a structured way and allows them to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the bank overall.


I benefitted greatly from the rotational program and believe it is truly an amazing opportunity.  I would encourage all incoming Associates to take full advantage of the program by reaching out to groups and speaking with different individuals in order to ensure they find the best fit for themselves through this program.